The Benefits of Partioning Acres

By Christopher Combs | February 23, 2013

   Question: My mother and her two brothers own 3 acres of unimproved desert land in north Scottsdale worth approximately $450,000. They have owned this three acres since the 1920s when my grandfather purchased this land. The problem now is that the property taxes have become expensive, and because my mother is elderly and lives on a fixed income, the payment of her one-third of the property taxes is becoming more difficult every year. Her two brothers do not want to sell the three acres in this depressed market. Is there any way that my mother can require the sale…


Wife's OK Needed to Alter Her Right of Survivorship

By Christopher Combs | November 17, 2012

Question:  My husband and I own our Glendale home as community property with right of survivorship. We have been having marital problems and recently separated. I am still living in the home with the children, and I want us to get back together. My husband is very angry, however and told me that he has made a new will giving all of his assets to his parents. My understanding of community property with right of survivorship is that, if my husband dies before me, I will be the owner of our home. Am I correct? Or does my husband’s will…