Conspiring on Lot Splits to Skirt Rules is Illegal

By Christopher Combs | November 24, 2012

Question: We live in an area of Yavapai County surrounded by national forest. Most of the privately owned land in this area is at least 5-acre parcels. Last year, a rancher split his 50-acre ranch into five 10-acre parcels and was able to sell all of the parcels except one 10-acre parcel. We have been told by a local real-estate broker that the rancher has now sold this last 10-acre parcel to an investor’s LLC for a much higher price than the four other 10-acre parcels. In addition, the investor’s LLC does not have to make any mortgage payments to the…


Who is Liable For Faulty Roof Repairs?

By Christopher Combs | November 5, 2012

Question:  We owned our home in Queen Creek for eight years. A year ago, we had a significant roof leak. We got three estimates for roof repairs, and we paid a roofing contractor almost $5,000 to make the roof repairs. Almost six months ago, we sold our home. After the recent monsoon, we received an e-mail from the buyer saying that the roof repairs that we had made were bad, and that the roof now needs to be repaired properly for $8,000 to $10,000. The buyer wants the name of the roofing contractor that made the repairs. Do we have…


New Arizona Real Estate Laws Effective in 2017

By Combs Law Group | September 29, 2017

New Arizona Real Estate Laws In the Arizona legislative session for 2017 the legislature enacted many new Arizona laws that affect real estate. Most new laws went into effect on August 9, 2017.   Tenant “Finder Fee” is Allowed Generally, any referral or finder fee relating to sale or lease of real property may only be given to real estate brokers or licensees. However, A.R.S. § 32-2176 allows an owner or a property management company to pay a finder fee to an unlicensed person who is also a tenant in another unit managed by the property management company or owned…