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Family Real Estate

My Boyfriend Is Moving Out of Our Townhome

Question: My boyfriend and I own a townhome in Scottsdale. He has a new girlfriend and is moving out next month into a new apartment with his girlfriend. Although my boyfriend paid the $12,000 down payment, we have been splitting the mortgage payments, and the costs of repairs and maintenance of the townhome. I think…

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Advantages to Beneficiary Deeds in Arizona

Question: In a recent article you had the opportunity to notify readers of the availability and advantages of a beneficiary deed, but you blew it by only adding it as an afterthought. You were addressing property in California and Montana also, which may not have the beneficiary deed option. I urge you to submit a follow-up…

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Ex-spouses May Need to go Back to Court

Question:  Under our divorce decree I was awarded our Peoria home, but my ex-wife was allowed to live in the home and she would get one-half of the proceeds when the home was sold. I want to sell the home, but my ex-wife has refused to sign a listing agreement with a real estate broker.…

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